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ETHOS Carbon Crown

ETHOS Carbon Crown

We present to you the Carbon Crown.  The ultimate evolution in Ethos Fishing Rods.  Simplifying your selections to everything you need and nothing you don't. The ultimate in sensitivity, durablility and application.  If you are looking for a technique specific rod, we have hand selected the appropriate blank for that application, and built it to the highest quality available.


CFX Carbon Fiber Grips: Carbon is simply more sensitive than other grip options.  While other options actually dampen the feel of vibration through the rod handle, carbon transmits it better than any other material making even the lightest of bites detectable to the angler.


SAS Technology [Spine Aligned System]: Carbon fiber tubes all have a spine, which is the seam where the material is the heaviest and strongest. At Ethos we ensure that your guides are placed in the proper position on the blank to maximize the strength of the rod. This technology provides consistent feel from rod to rod, improves the action, durability, and fish fighting capability.


Fuji Guides: With over 40 years in designing and manufacturing rod guides, Fuji is the industry standard setting the pace in most high-performance rods. From alconite to titanium torzite rod guides, Ethos ensures that only the highest quality Fuji guides will be on your custom rod of choice.


TSC (Technique Specific Coding): At Ethos we understand that time is money on the tournament trail, so we color code each rod handle so that you can quickly identify which rod you need to grab to make that critical cast. You can also order the TSC through our custom build shop to the colors that you would like.

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