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Passion, Quality, ETHOS

Ethos: (noun) denotes the disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, corporation, culture, or movement.

Here at ETHOS we work to build you a superior fishing experience through the quality of our product, our customer service, and our work ethic.  We don't just want you to try our rods and baits as one of many out there- we want you to become part of the ETHOS family.  Our goal is to outmatch the way others do business from top to bottom- from the construction and quality of our products, to the way you are treated from start to finish.  And should you ever encounter an issue with any of our products, our intention is to leave you happier than when you first purchased it. Here at ETHOS we have a culture of quality, customer service, and care!  #feelwhatyouvebeenmissing

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The Mark of Quality

Quality blanks, quality components, superior builds. Our rods have been selected and engineered to be the ultimate rod for every application.

What does this mean for you? Superior balance, decreased fatigue, and increased productivity on the water.  Fish longer, fish harder, with more efficiency than ever before!

The Fisherman Behind Ethos

Brandon Halfmann

Ethos Tackle Co. owner, Brandon Halfmann, has been an avid bass fisherman since early childhood, with numerous big bass to his credit.  Cutting his teeth in the archery market as a manufacturer sales rep for the last 13 years, his knowledge of carbon tubing regarding arrows is un-matched in the industry.  Applying his knowledge of the characteristics of carbon and building high performance arrows in archery applications, into his fishing rod manufacturing is what sets these rods apart from the rest of the fishing rod market.  Brandon is also an accomplished artist, creating some beautiful commissioned pieces for high end clients.  This same attention to his craft is ever present in his rod builds where the finished product is flawless, or he doesn’t ship it out.  From off-shore angling to the big bass lakes of Texas, Brandon and Ethos Tackle Co. can get you in the right rod for the right application with the highest quality custom rod manufactured today.   

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